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What makes a desk an Executive Desk?

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Executive desks are the central attraction of an office as it conveys authority. It is where you receive your guests, investors, clients, etc. It reflects the nature of your business and the attitude your business exhibits. Their size varies according to the space in the office.

Executive desks are double in size compared to other desk types with file and box drawers. These drawers help you put away your files and stationery in an organised and neat manner. With a lot of important activities connected to them, they remain in the centre of the room.

The features of an executive desk

  1. Comfort: A comfortable work environment is conducive to office productivity. Hence, a good executive desk is essential.
  2. Looks: An executive desk looks professional. Hence, the same feel gives your office an uplifting, professional look.
  3. Strength: You should never compromise on the quality of your executive desk. It is good for both long-term and short-term goals.

Materials from which executive desks are made:

  1. Wood: Wooden desks remain the most popular ones used in offices worldwide. They come in two types. The wooded coating is applied over a base in veneer wood furniture. It isn’t long-lasting but gives a rich texture to the desk. Many offices focus mainly on the texture rather than the need to be long-lasting. The other executive desks made from pure solid wood, such as teak, mahogany and others, exhibit high quality. They are costly in comparison to veneer wood but long-lasting. They, too, give off an amazing shiny appearance. They are highly recommended for long-term usage.
  2. Metal: They are the next most popular pieces of office furniture in the market, especially with their stylish looks. Used as supporting bases, legs, table bases, etc., in executive desks.
  3. Glass: Tempered glass makes beautiful executive desks. They have a unique appearance of their own.
  4. Laminates: Executive desks made from laminates come in various finishes and styles. The durability varies accordingly. They have the advantage of functionality over other types of executive desks at the expense of style.

Differences between Executive and Office chairs

Executive and office chairs, though seating furniture, convey different meanings and attitudes. 

In simple words, office chairs are meant for daily use by normal employees in offices. They come in different shapes and sizes for varied requirements of people. They come in high-back and medium-back options.

In comparison, executive chairs convey authority. They have a premium look with high backs, headrests and other adjustable features. Hence, they provide excellent comfort and support for the body.

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