Office Pods: Seating Arrangement Driving the Design Style in modern office Designs

Office designs have been evolving continuously over the years and decades. These designs vary according to the type of business or industry. A bank office design will be different from that of an advertising agency or that of an entertainment company office. 

After all, employees work in offices for many hours independently and as team members collaborating on projects. Hence, the office design must evolve to match new project requirements in terms of technology and roles.

While discussions are part of various roles, there are instances where solitude makes a big difference. This is exactly where Office Pods make the difference.

The Covid-19 pandemic saw most employees working from home. Though it had some disadvantages in terms of peer-to-peer interactions, it did give them a lot of privacy and solitude. Though employees have started working from offices again, the need to provide the Work From Home environment in offices remains the same. 

Office Pods are self-contained, compact and sound-proof with electrical points, customised seating for a maximum of two or three people and ventilation. They can be customised for various office settings.

How will Office Pods help your office space? 

Office Pods come with a lot of advantages which make them very popular in modern office spaces. Let’s take a look at them –

  1. Most private space in the office: Office Pods allow your employees to work without any visual or sound distractions. Therefore, it is very important in situations where they are working on highly important or classified projects.
  2. A positive shift in productivity: Your employee’s productivity is affected by the environment in which they work. While they collaborate with colleagues on the projects they work on, they can come back to their pods and do their respective tasks without other distractions. So this enhances productivity.
  3. Good for limited collaborations: Your employees can conduct virtual meetings without distractions in an Office Pod. You, too, can have an important meeting with your teammate or junior over a cup of coffee.
  4. Effective use of office space: They can be effective for non-work purposes too. This includes relaxation, meditation, talking to loved ones on the phone or via video calls and more. Limited office spaces will find it to be a boon.
  5. Get some ‘ME’ time on bad days: When one or more of your employees will have bad days, they can take a breather working in the Office Pod. It makes them feel comfortable.
  6. A homely feeling: Office Pods motivate employees with a homely feeling, unlike an open office space where they absorb or get bombarded with so much energy.

Get cool Office Pods for your office space.

We’ve explored the advantages that Office Pods would bring to your employees and organisation. There’s no doubt that your employees would love them. When you decide to get Office Pods, it’s imperative that you take feedback to ensure that you’re investing in ones that your employees would be comfortable in. 

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