What are the three Categories of Office Furniture?

Office furniture is an essential part of the modern office environment. This could range from a simple office to corporate offices, hotels, resorts, cafes and other places of business. They make an impact on the look and feel, working morale, and the way your customers or clients perceive you. 

They come in various price ranges that satisfy the customer’s business needs, such as the business domain, size of office and business, and health and comfort of employees. It also contributes to the productivity of an office. 

Categories of Office Furniture

Office furniture is divided into three categories based on the requirements. This is applicable across all businesses, whether corporate, non-corporate, NGO or Government. They are –

Desks are further classified into normal workstation desks and executive desks. Let’s take a look at desks in detail – 

Safe storage is also provided to lock away things not required. 

Meanwhile, chairs, too, are classified into two types, regular office chairs and executive chairs. Let us look in detail – 

Storage is Vital!

Storage Unit: Storage Units are vital to protecting a company’s resources, such as important documents, files, seals and much more. It could be in the form of simple cupboards, cash lockers, document shelves or drawer units. They don’t generally store the personal belongings of employees.

What’s Next?

Thus, we have taken a look at the categorisation of office furniture in detail. They form the essential pieces of furniture required for any kind of business, whether a start-up or a well-established one. In each of these categories, you will come across different styles and types suited to the tastes and needs of different businesses. 

These office furniture options spoil you for choice. 

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