Why is it important to have ergonomic Furniture at the workplace?

‘Ergonomics’- a word that has been trending for the past few years and skyrocketed when the world went into lockdown, and everybody started working from home. Before we dive into the era of ergonomic offices and ergonomic furniture, let’s take a step back into how offices used to function. Offices earlier used to be filled with cubicles fixed with tables and chairs. And, that is all the thought that went into offices. But, as we evolved and understood the long-term effects of continuous sitting, the era of ergonomics was born. Now, offices are prioritising ergonomics so that employees stay satisfied and work efficiently. Are you wondering where this aspect of ergonomics fits into your everyday work life? Keep reading.

Where do we use ergonomics every day?

To simply put this into perspective, the physics of ergonomics is everywhere. Ever wondered why all the beds are of similar height? Or maybe how the dining table and the chairs have almost the same height everywhere? The kitchen countertops, the sofas, the coffee tables, and every piece of furniture that we use daily are designed to be similar in height wherever you go. It is because these heights are the optimal measurements where we feel comfortable using the furniture. 

Evolution of Ergonomic Furniture

With that being said, as we evolved and ergonomics were further researched, the need to customise these heights came into play. It is because not everyone is of the same height. And, everyday furniture must be set in a way that it is comfortable for the person using them. The same aspect is nowadays used in offices to transform them into ergonomic-friendly spaces. 

Ergonomic Furniture in Office Spaces

It all started with the changes brought to cubicles. Instead of a fixed height table, offices are not investing in height-adjustable tables. These give you control over how high your work table needs to be so that you feel comfortable using it. As much as we love to talk about comfort, there’s also the aspect of health which we should not ignore. Offices are where we spend almost 60% of our lives, so they need to be at their best in offering the employees a healthy atmosphere. Putting health as a priority, offices have adopted ergonomic furniture to prevent fatigue. Fatigue is a condition that makes the person lose interest quickly and makes them tired easily. It reduces productivity, and even worse, it affects the decision-making process. Although it sounds like a one-time problem, it isn’t. These issues create a pattern and spiral down to physical health problems. 

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It is why offices today are concentrating on making their place truly ergonomic. From the traditional cubicles to hanging-out areas of the office, you can now see ergonomic furniture everywhere. Even during this work-from-home period, we have seen multiple organisations allowing and helping employees to buy ergonomic furniture. With that being said, if you are interested to know more about or experiencing ergonomic office furniture, make sure to visit our showroom. We showcase office furniture from several famed brands from around the world.

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