Which partition is best for offices?

Is your office space properly set? Is your office space ready to meet professional needs? Have you given a good thought about the partitions in your office space? Partitions define a well-designed office space. Also, studies have revealed that partitions play an important role in productivity too. Better interiors can bring up to 80 per cent improvement in productivity. In this blog, we will give you insights into how partitions are used in an office space. Based on that, we’re sure that you’ll have the knowledge to choose the right ones for your office. 

The purpose of partitions

Open working spaces are trendy and enable better social interactions. But on the other hand, they are less private. This is where partitions work their magic. Placing partitions and creating spaces for different teams will help improve productivity. Therefore, partitions are one of the trending and innovative ideas for office interiors. 

Have you ever stepped into a huge office and lost your way while walking around? This is a common problem that big office spaces face. It’s because of the poor planning of the space. Partitions enable the designers to create dedicated spaces and create a flow for the office at the same time. Let’s know more about it.

Hierarchy of the office

Every organisation has a hierarchy. Based on this, the office space can be divided into different spaces. If your office sees a lot of clients and you have a lot of new people walking in for meetings, use Glass partitions at the beginning of your office space for the executive rooms. This will give your office space a professional look. 

Moving on, choose elegant designs in partitions for the Conference rooms. Along with the elegance, conference room partitions need another property too. It’s the acoustic privacy they offer. Conference rooms are where high-value meetings happen. And, it’s in the organisation’s best interest not to spill any beans about the meetings. We, at Design8, offer partitions that offer high acoustic privacy. 

Inclusion, where needed.

Offices are the place to be motivated and friendly at the same time. Employees should be able to find places to hustle with work and have casual conversations with fellow employees too. Half-wall partitions are a great way to build spaces that hold a good number of employees. This way, there’s always a way to interact with one another. 

These are a few ways to use partitions in an office space. With the multiple materials, finishes, designs, and functionality available with us, you can choose and build your office space just the way you want it. If you want to experience these partitions first-hand, please visit our experience centre today. 

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