What is an executive desk?

What is that one piece of furniture that sets the centre stage in your office space? Why do you think it always steals the spotlight? Let us guess, it’s the undoubted quality and the aesthetic it adds to the space, right? This is where the executive desks make their grand entrance. As the name suggests, executive desks are what the top-tier personnel of the company use. But, before we dive further, here’s a brief understanding of where executive desks are placed in an office. As a thumb rule, these are placed in rooms that are dedicated to higher professionals of the business. Other than that, you can also spot them in the reception areas. We’ll cover the ‘why’ of this aspect further in the blog.

What makes a desk an executive desk?

Desks serve different purposes. Employees can use them to set up their workstations or as a platform for stationery for the office too. On the other hand, an Executive desk is an all-rounder. One of the prime purposes of an executive desk is to give you ample storage & space. This means it comes with cabinets that enable the employee to store their files and documents. Speaking of ample space, these desks come with a wider surface area that makes sure that you can accommodate more things that you need to be within your hands’ reach.

Executive desks come in different shapes and sizes, such as L-shape, U-shape, and so on. So, you always have plenty of options to choose from to find a perfect fit. The executive desks that we showcase come with a wide variety of functions while also being masterpieces of convenience.

Executive chair vs an office chair?

What makes an executive chair different from an office chair? To put it in simple terms, office chairs offer a wide range of adjustable features. On the other hand, executive chairs are more inclined towards comfort, elegance and feel. In general, the majority of office chairs are not high back. In contrast, the majority of the executive chairs are high back, which provides a high level of comfort and support for the entire body. Executive chairs come under the premium category chairs offering elegant backs and sturdy arms paired with unique covers and cushions. On the other hand, office chairs are light in weight. Therefore, Office chairs are compact, and they offer ease of movement across the office space. They are mostly paired with conventional desks. On the other hand, an executive chair is for prolonged static use and mostly compliments an executive desk.

An executive desk serves as a substantial piece in your office. If you want to invest in the right office furniture, we can help you find exactly what your office needs. Please visit our experience centre and get in touch with us.

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