Office Chair: Things to consider before buying

An office chair isn’t just a piece of furniture that an employee sits in. It’s the one element that an employee will revisit every day. From the moment the workday starts till it ends, an office chair plays a big role in everyday life of an employee. Considering this, there are tons of factors that you should look into before buying an office chair. 

In this blog, we’ll present to you all the vital pieces of information that will help you make the best decision for your employees. The phrase ‘a good chair’ has immense value when it comes to the overall performance and health of an employee. Before we dive into the factors that make an office chair ‘great’, we’d like to state that comfort and flexibility are the two vital factors that chair manufacturers focus on. 

What Office Chairs to choose?

With advancements in every wing of technology, we know that there are tons of choices when you want to purchase an office chair. When you’re presented with such a wide range of choices, you might wonder if there are brands that stand out. Yes, there are. The chairs that we present at Seating World are majorly from Steelcase. If you’ve been searching for Office chairs for a while, you might have already heard their name. If not, we can assure you that Steelcase chairs are the best ever. And we have all the right reasons to say so. 

The formulas that Steelcase chairs follow to present you with the best come with tons of research. The amount of information they collect before designing a chair is amazing in every aspect. From the way an employee sits and changes postures during an average day to how the chair should adapt, they made it all transparent. As we mentioned earlier in the blog, their chairs aren’t all about comfort but also about productivity. 

What features are important in a good chair?

Flexibility is a major concern for most employees while working. The chair should be flexible enough to let the employees modify how they need it to be. This, in turn, helps improve productivity. When an employee is comfortable in their posture, it helps them focus more on their work and stop worrying about comfort. 

Speaking of flexibility, the posture that an employee should maintain is of the biggest concern. On a typical day, an employee should be able to work comfortably for at least 90 minutes at a stretch. When sitting in a chair for such a long time, the chair should be designed in a way that provides the right posture for the spine. Else, the continuous work will take a toll on the physical and mental health of the employee. 

The chairs from Steelcase are the finest you can find out there. We have multiple choices for you to choose from. No matter the budget, every chair from Steelcase will offer the basic and important ergonomics that an Office Chair should have. If you’d like to try and test them, you’re always welcome to visit our experience centre. 

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